Creating Choreography

Belly Dance Workshop

with Liz Wray

Liz Wray 1Thursday, May 11, 6:00 – 8:15

$20 with advanced registration

$25 late registration/drop in


Interpreting music, counts and rhythms into repeatable dance for yourself or others can be challenging and rewarding. In this two hour class, Liz‘s method of choreography, as well as other methods, will be studied to help you discover what works best for you. We will then create a piece of choreography together! Bring a notebook and writing utensil and let’s create something magical!

Register by May 9. Late registration price is $25.



Hoop Workshop

with Lynn Spencer Nelson

Lynn sitting with hoop

Saturday, May 20, 2:00 – 3:30

$20 with advanced registration

$30 late registration/drop in

Core and Off Body Techniques ~ Hoop Dojo

Hoop class always runs as a Dojo in some respect. Every class has the basic instruction when needed. It’s just needed less than beginners realize. So don’t worry if you are just starting out and feel a bit intimidated by the ideas we are going to cover.
We will cover each component as basically and as expansively as the attendants need. Inside each technique is an expansive world, making this workshop for all levels of hoopers. For an elaboration on a Hoop Dojo visit here:

Shoulder Hooping ~ Breaks
Sustained Spinning ~ Lift
Off Body Technique: Folding

Shoulder Hooping ~ Breaks
Beginners get shoulder hooping basics, we will then expand into breaks. There are a lot of breaks to learn and for those that already have a lot of breaks, we will look at combos and drills.

Sustained Spinning ~ Lift
Sustained spinning is a useful practice for many things in hooping and one of those things is playing inside the Lift. We will cover the three step turn, how not to barf and many tips for sustained spinning. Note: if you would happen to practice turning in circles on your own, a few minutes a day prior to the workshop, this would built a body tolerance that would prove very useful in class.
Lift is act of getting the hoop from waist to over the head. Beginners get the break down of this complicated trick for a beginners mind and then we will expand into way play, incorporate and lead from Lift into flow.

Off Body Technique: Folding
Folding is a light to no grip technique using two point of contact with the body. Folding a hoop is to maneuver the hoop both around the outside of the and to incircle the body.

Wear comfortable cotton based clothing. Tank tops work best especially when working on shoulders. Wear secure comfortable shoes or just socks. Bring a water container, water is on site.

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