HoopPath Indy Weekend

with Baxter

Baxters class

For Baxter’s last traveling hoop tour, he is teaching a workshop based on the story of his last 15.5 years of hoop dance. Each day will be a workshop based on the history of Bax’s hoop practice and hoop teaching. By basing this tour on his “flow story” others will be able to see and explore their own hoop stories. Each day will will be a journey of movement and imagination.

(Each day will include on and off body hooping.)

Friday, 1/19: Freeing Up Our Flow and Our Expression

Doors open: 6 pm for warmup.
Class: 6:10pm- 9:30pm
Saturday, 1/20: Flow and Skill Building
Doors open: 1 pm for warmup.
Class: 1:15pm- 5:00pm

Sunday, 1/21: Flow, Meditation, and Creativity
Doors open: 1:00 pm for warmup.
Class: 1:15pm- 5:00pm

$120 for all 3 days

This workshop is expected to sell out, so register early to save your spot.

• There is no required skill set, but the workshops are athletic.
• Each Workshop begins 15 minutes after the start time, to allow people to stretch and warm-up before class.
• You will need to bring your own hoop, blindfold, and water. Bringing snacks is not a bad idea, either.

Flow Story Tour
My name is Baxter and I have been a hooper since late 2001. In 2005, I began teaching a local hoop class in Carrboro, NC. By 2007, I was traveling and teaching hoop dance as a movement practice all over the US. Over the last 8 years I would travel to cities all over the US, Canada, and (to a lesser degree) the UK year after year. I began to call teaching this cycle of cities, “touring.”
My workshops have evolved over that time, but have remained true to certain core themes:

1. Hooping as dance
2. Hooping as self care
3. Hooping as a path to Authenticity


The Body Speaks Series

Regular monthly somatic-focused workshops, taught by local experts in their fields.







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