The Body Speaks Series

Join IMAC in our beautiful studio for The Body Speaks, a new series coming in 2018!
Each month will feature a different workshop with a local master teacher who
specializes in a particular somatic discipline. Somatic practices allow us to dive
deeply into the lived body, emphasizing self-discovery, intuition and reeducating the
self for greater ease, efficiency and well-being. These workshops are a unique and
rich opportunity in the Indy area for dancers, actors, artists, therapists, healthcare
professionals, educators, and just about anyone who has an interest in growing and
learning through the body. Each workshop will be geared toward people of all skill
levels, and beginners are encouraged to attend.
Look for a complete schedule and detailed description of each workshop in
forthcoming monthly newsletters, our website and social media starting in 2018.

January Workshop – Alexander Technique

with Victoria M. Hyatt, PT, DPT, m.AmSAT

Saturday • January 20 • 2:00 – 4:00

The Alexander Technique is a hands-on, mind-body method of learning to
recognize and minimize harmful tension in your body in order to improve
performance of daily activities.
Other workshops in Winter/Spring 2018 will include: Laban/Bartenieff
Fundamentals with Idrienne Steiman, MA, CMA; Mindfulness-based body inquiry, a
gentle blend of The Hakomi Method and Zen Buddhism with Allison Distler, Certified
Rolfer™; Somatic Experiencing with Nina Goradia, PT, RYT, SEP; and Butoh-based
somatic processes with Lani Weissbach, MFA, RSME, E-RYT 500.