Salsa with David Smith

Wednesdays, 7pm-8pm at MotuSpace

Drop-Ins Welcome

Fall 1 Session: September 4 – October 30 

Purchase your session here!

“Club Style Salsa” Class begins with fun, energetic and easy exercises to get warmed up and which lead to the very foundation of the fun experience of Salsa. Everyone dances with everyone, so no need to bring a partner! Anyone can choose to learn, lead, follow, or both! No need for gender specifics. By the end of the 9 week session everyone will be shaking, shimmy-ing, and twirling to the rhythmic beats of salsa. Beginner to experienced social dancers will feel welcome and fit in right away. Taught by David Smith.

Salsa is being offered in 9-week sessions. As long as a session is running, students may drop-in using Groupons, class cards, first class, or single class payments – space permitting. Details can be found on our Pricing Page. Also check out our Neighbors Discount!

Students using Groupon, class card, or single class payment (purchased here) are welcome to drop in – no need to sign up.


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