Individual classes, class cards, and sessions can be purchased with a credit card . Please bring your receipt with you to class, you will not be sent a physical card/certificate in the mail. Classes and sessions may also be purchased in studio by cash/check.

Class pricing varies from class to class. Drop-ins are only allowed where stated on class description pages. To see what forms of payment are acceptable for each class check the individual class descriptions.


Single Drop-in Class: $12
Bollywood Drop-in: $15


Class cards must be used within 1 year of purchase, are non-transferable,  and non-refundable, and only apply to certain classes. Check individual class descriptions to see if they can be used for your class of interest.

5 Classes – $55
10 classes: $100


Many classes run in sessions. Drop-ins may or may not be allowed, but purchasing the entire session will guarantee your spot in class and save you money! Select your class session on each individual class page.