Wicked Dreams Pleasant Nightmares- Indy Fringe 2008
        Wicked Dreams         
 Rear View Mirror- Five Year Anniversary Show
Rearview8  Each Other- Herron School of Art and Design (2009)
Each Other
 Broken Fragile Mind- August 2009    
Broken Fragile Mind - August 2009Motus Rising- March 2010
Motus Rising - March 2010 IMA 100 Acres Opening- June 2010
motus  Pairings 2011
Pairings 2011 1 Fort Wayne Dance Collective- February 2012
FTWAYNE-TOMMY'S PIECE3 - Copy  Cultivate 2012
Cultivate 2012a            Spoke the Hub, Brooklyn, NY- April 2013
Spoke the Hub- April 2013 Ruckus- April 2013
Ashleys poker 
Chemical Peel- November 2013, Celebrating 10 Years!
Chemical Peel Pairings- 2014

Pairings 2014- Bryan Moore29


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