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Motus Dance and Garfield Park (Indy Star)

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Cultivate: A Choreographers’ Showcase(studio showing) on Mission Intrigue


Paired Down in Nuvo


Heidi Keller Phillips, Motus’ artistic and executive director, is one of the city’s most compelling dancers. – Nuvo’s Arts Guide

Cultivate: A Choreographers’ Showcase Nuvo Review

Not only does it provide a rare change for developing choreographers to experiment and present their work to the public, but it also let’s the dancers and other choreographers themselves see and provide feedback. It is a shining example of the collective process that we hold so dear. –We Love Motus Dance Theatre, Fort Wayne Dance Collective

Motus performing at the IndyFringe Longest Dinner.


Motus Dance Theatre Takes to the Streets of Downtown Indianapolis (Windblown)

Broken Fragile Mind (IndyFringe) Reviews:

Broken Fragile Mind Another Motus Dance Theatre Hit

These dancers were committed to the characters they were playing; committed to the forms the choreography dictated; committed to the metaphor they were dramatizing; and committed to each other. – Jake Roesler, Straight Jacket Worthy

IndyFringe Blog: Broken, Fragile Mind

broken fragile mind

Show Review: Broken Fragile Mind


Wicked Dreams, Pleasant Nightmares (IndyFringe) Reviews:

Sweet dreams to nightmares

08 Fringe: “Wicked Dreams, Pleasant Nightmares”

Indy Fringe: a consumer’s guide

Rear View Mirror Nuvo Review

An intellectually and aesthetically engaging five-year retrospective follows the arc of life cycles emanating organically from events surrounding community and Motus Dance Theatre Company and board members. – Rita Kohn, Nuvo


Emerging Spaces Review


Red Tape Review

It was simple and sublime simultaneously. -Ty Stover,