2009 Performances

November 2009 – Windblown
Windblown was created and performed down the length of Massachusetts Avenue as part of the Spirit and Place Festival’s Random Acts of Improvisation.

August 2009 – Broken Fragile Mind
“I’ve lost so much. Mother. Father. Will I lose my mind as well? The root of it all rides on this. Are they getting closer? Are they coming for me?” Inspired by a provocative 1930’s radio broadcast, Motus navigates a mind battling fear, manipulation, and a race against time. Premiered at the 2009 IndyFringe Festival at the Earth House.

Check out these reviews:

If you have ever had the privilege of watching Motus Dance Theatre in action than you already know that they never do anything half-assed. Their pieces are always powerful, thought provoking and intense. The Motus offering for this year’s indyFringe Festival, broken fragile mind, is all of these and more. ~ Mark Cline, www.funcityfinder.com

These dancers were committed to the characters they were playing; committed to the forms the choreography dictated; committed to the metaphor they were dramatizing; and committed to each other. ~ Jake Roesler, www.SmallerIndiana.com

And others by Brooke Randolph (www.smallerindiana.com), Joe Boling (www.indianaauditions.com), Julie (WIBC),  and Rita Kohn (Nuvo).

June 2009 – Each Other
Lost in the wilderness, blind and trapped, in darkness we cannot find each other…Created and performed for the Herron School of Art & Design’s 2009 Fundraiser, Visionary, on June 6.










View photos by SeeSaw Imaging on our Facebook page!

April 2009 – Spark a Revolution
Motus performed two new works, as well as a collaboration with all the artists who participated in this IndyFringe Festival and Earth House fundraiser on April 17, 2009.


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  1. Your new Email flyer on all the events…and all the updates to your website are great! Thanks for all the new-ness! —doreen

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