Belly Dance

Liz Wray 1

New This Year

Classes will run in 5 week sessions, with an optional 2 hour workshop on the 6th week. Workshops will focus on different themes throughout the year.

Session 3:  April 6 – May 4, with workshop on May 11.

Beginning Belly Dance 

Building a strong foundation is necessary for any form of dance.  This beginners class will introduce the basic movement of belly dance. Get ready for FUN as instructor Liz Wray uses humor and positive energy to make class enjoyable as you learn an exciting art form!   Breaking down each movement to it’s core, Liz will guide you through this entertaining world of Belly Dance!  Dancers must complete 4 out of 5 weeks of beginners to move up to the Intermediate Drills and Choreography class.

Register for the full session two days prior to the first day of class to get the session discount, $50/5 weeks; late registration: $55/5 weeks. No drop ins.

Belly Dance Drills and Technique  

Registration is now closed, but drop ins are welcome!


This intermediate to advanced level class builds on the basic movement of beginners belly dance and beyond.  Repeating difficult combinations and tricky layered movements to help improve technique will challenge dancers to take their dancing to the next level, all with Liz’s signature humor and positive energy.  We will also explore technique for stage performance, improvisational solo dance as well as etiquette and music theory.  Beginning Belly Dance, or previous belly dance experience is required as a pre-requisite for this class.

Register for the full session of Drills and Technique only $45/5 or drop in $12/class, or 5 class or 10 class card.

Belly Dance Choreography  

MUST BE TAKING DRILLS AND TECHNIQUE CLASS to be eligible for this class.  Not available as an individual class.

An extension of the Drills and Technique class, this portion of the class will focus only on choreography.   Learning a choreography not only reinforces the technique and music theory we work on in the previous class, but challenges memory and stamina.  Students who have regular attendance and learn an entire choreography will have the option to be apart of the Ursa Belly Dance Company with performance opportunities.

Register for the full session of Choreography plus Drills and Technique two days prior to the first day of class to get the session discount, $25/5 weeks in addition to Drills and Technique class fees. No drop ins.

Session 2 Belly Dance Workshop

Stage Make up and Stage Faces

March 30, 6:00 – 8:15

Makeup for stage completes your look, and using it to compliment your facial expressions is the perfect way to polish your look. Using Liz‘s 10 years of licensed professional cosmetology experience and years of dance and theater training for your benefit, we will study how to apply stage makeup to bring out the best in your face for stage. We will also work on facial expressions and how to portray emotions underneath all that makeup so even the old lady in the back row will see your intention.

Register for the Workshop two days prior to the workshop date to get the early bird price.

Session 3 Belly Dance Workshop

Creating Choreography

May 11, 6:00 – 8:15

Interpreting music, counts and rhythms into repeatable dance for yourself or others can be challenging and rewarding. In this two hour class, Liz‘s method of choreography, as well as other methods, will be studied to help you discover what works best for you. We will then create a piece of choreography together! Bring a notebook and writing utensil and let’s create something magical!




Taught by Liz Wray

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