In the Community

Night Out Program

IMAC continues to cement their community partnership with MLK with the Night Out program.  Generously funded by the GPD Foundation, IMAC administrator/instructor Lauren Curry will take up to 10 students  to 3 cultural events in Indy.  The grant provides tickets and transportation not only for the students, but one parent/guardian as well.  As funding in general and arts funding in particular is threatened in public schools, this program seeks to supplement humanities learning in School 43, attended by most of the MLK students.  By encouraging the students and their parents/guardians to think critically about what they see, it takes learning out of the classroom and at the same time creates opportunities for child and adult to engage around the arts!


Seasonal Affective Disco

Lauren Curry and Bethany Bak head over to Newfields’s to help out with their newest endeavor, a series of early morning exercise/dance parties featuring music mixed by DJ Fate, and a cash bar with coffee, juice and nutritious snacks. “Come and get your groove back with a celebration of the sun!”


Butoh Workshop at the Fort Wayne Dance Collective

Lani Weissbach takes her nurturing, empowering approach to leading movement and self discovery to Fort Wayne Dance Collective on Saturday, January 27, for 2 back to back butoh workshops, starting at 3:15. Call 260-424-6574 to register or email for more information.


Huge Congrats!!!

We are pleased as punch that “Lauren & Bethany” choreographed by Bethany Bak in collaboration with Lauren Curry for Cultivate 2016 is an official live performance selection for this year’s RAD Fest. The Midwest RAD Fest is a juried event at the Epic Center in Kalamazoo, MI, March 9th – 11th, featuring the best in modern, post-modern, and contemporary dance from all over the country.