Barre and Center


January 1/13 – 2/17

Saturdays, 12:00-1:30pm

Six week class series: $54

Drop-ins welcome, $12/class, or 5 or 10 class card

Barre & Center, taught by Carrie Gaerte, is for experienced and returning dancers looking to rekindle their dance passion and move in a fun, joyful, adult-centric environment. Begin with a ballet-esque barre warm-up and move into a jazz/contemporary choreography center. Dress comfortably and bring ballet shoes or socks.


Meet Carrie Gaerte!

Carrie is a Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainer, and Pilates instructor with St Vincent Sports Performance, with a passion for rehabilitation, and who’s first love is dance and choreography. She majored in ballet at Indiana University before an injury changed her career path. After a long hiatus, Carrie was honored to participate in Motus’ 2010 production of Cultivate. Carrie is beyond excited to offer an adult class that affords a creative outlet in a comfortable environment.