Thursdays, 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Current Session: 11/8/12 – 12/20/12 (Drop-Ins Welcome)

Take the strength and flexibility of a ballerina, kick it up a notch with a cardio kickboxing session and what do you get?

You learn to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee!

This unlikely combination makes for an intense class designed to challenge your core and overall muscle structure by using the same drills and techniques ballerinas use to sculpt their long lean bodies. We use fast-paced top 40 music so the kickboxing will raise your heart rate for a great cardio workout! Classes will be designed in a dance format working on new “routines” each week.

No previous dance experience needed. Workout clothes and sneakers are highly recommended! Taught by Jenee Michelle.

Balloxing is being offered in 6-week sessions, students who purchase the session guarantee their spot in class for the length of the session. As long as a session is running, students may drop-in using Groupons, class cards, first class, or single class payments – space permitting. Details can be found on our Pricing Page. Also check out our Neighbors Discount!


6-Week Session, 11/8/12 – 12/20/12 (THURSDAYS), $40

Students using a Groupon, class card, or single class payment (purchased here) are welcome to drop in – no need to sign up.


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