Solo Jazz and Swing Dance


January 10 – 31

Wednesdays • 7:30 – 8:30

Full session, $40

Drop-ins welcome, $12/class

All Levels Jazz & Swing Dance w/Danny Beyrer will focus on the solo vernacular jazz dances and movement of the swing era, rooted in the drive and pulse of swing music. This class welcomes movers of all levels.

Weeks 1-2 (January 10th and 17th): Tranky Doo

A fun, classic routine which builds both movement vocabulary and a sense of phrasing for improvisation. Aside from learning the routine, we’ll work on dancing it to many different songs and modifying the choreography to fit the feeling of the music.

Week 3 (January 24th): Mama Stew (AKA The Stew)

Mama’s Stew, originally referred to as “The Stew” is the routine Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers used to warm-up. It was then embraced by the next generation of dancers through Mama Lou Park’s dance troupe, founded in 1959.

Week 4 (January 31st): Jazz Combos/Splicing Jazz Steps

You might know how the fall-off-the-log, but what if we fall-off-the-shorty-george? Or fall-off-the-gaze-afar? How many things can we fall off? We’ll explore that and more in this class!


Meet Danny Beyrer!

Danny Started dancing at a ballroom studio in 2007 and left on a mission to pursue Vernacular Jazz and Lindy Hop after watching his first old timey swing dance clip. He has since performed, competed, and taught at many regional and national swing dance events. Danny’s passion in the dance is striving for freedom of movement in cooperation with the freely expressed art form that is Jazz. In class he likes to emphasize personal body movement, our connection to the music, and fun.

Interested in learning partner swing dances?

If you are interested in learning partner swing dances, please visit Founded in 2001, Naptown Stomp Lindy Hop Society is a non-profit organization devoted to teaching and spreading enthusiasm for vintage swing dances, Lindy Hop being the primary form.