Face Lift

Looking in the mirror, my face has a few more wrinkles.  The threat of stray gray hairs looms in the distance.  My mind picks up choreography with less speed.  My body now takes 3 days to recover from a really hard class.  I need a face lift. 

It has been four years since I have stepped down as a Motus Core Artist to start a family and a medical career.  Returning for this show has been an amazing journey back into my happy place of dance.  I am honored to have been a part of this company over the past 10 years.  I am honored that one of my first choreographic pieces will be featured in this next show and I am honored to dance it.  What will it be like to pick up my old bones and revisit this choreography?  Will it feel like an old favorite sweater or rather a pair of jeans that no longer fits?  Will muscle memory come back like riding a bike even after 7 years since I last danced this piece?  The talented Rachel Higgins will guide this transition, working the piece so that we can bring it from the past to the future, tweaking and giving it a face lift.  Transitioning the dance into the future of Motus.

 I am deeply thankful that over the past 10 years Motus has been a creative home and sanctuary for me.  I hope that this company continues to grow and to be a sanctuary for future dancers in Indianapolis.  A home for those who need a home.  A vehicle for those who want to play.  I have played and look forward to playing in the years to come.  In the mean time, perhaps I just need a little face lift.

~Vanessa Stowers Flora

Chemical Peel


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