Motus at Spirit and Place

So, I just got home from shooting a video with Charley from AnC and Michelle (from Motus, duh).  Check out if you haven’t already.  They rock.  This video is for Spirit and Place, whose theme this year is RISK.  We plan on challenging the audience with a video that questions the risk involved in movement and how the implied risk may change dramatically when the situation is altered. So if you did “quick feet” on the football field and then the football field turned into a cocktail party.  That kind of thing.   Then, I will ask the audience to be part of the movement.   I think we might freak some freaks and I am looking forward to it.  See you there.

The deets:  Spirit and Place, November 10, 5:30p, Central Public Library



One response to “Motus at Spirit and Place

  1. I was a part of that audience at Spirit and Place. Thoroughly enjoyed the video and especially enjoyed the “risk” you led us in before the speakers. It was fun to watch the audience members … especially after you asked is it riskier to be a part of the crowd following you or riskier to not follow the moments. Made folks think…

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