Literal Anticipation

I will be turning another year older this week, believe it or not.  (I personally am going with not, because I am fairly certain I just turned 30, though the calendar begs to differ)  Motus is also celebrating its birthday, and while I am turning 31, I find Motus at 10 is more impressive, and honestly more mature.  In honor of this dance company milestone, we are reworking one dance piece from each year that Motus has been gracing Indianapolis.  Now, when it comes to my own choreographed dance pieces, I always have things I would want to change, or new routes I would want to explore.  Creating a work is an ongoing process that only ends due to time and keeping the dancer’s sanity.

  For this show I am redoing one of my own pieces, and taking on the added challenge of reworking someone else’s.  It is simultaneously freeing and completely nerve racking to take on someone else’s choreography.  It is like being handed all these wonderful sentences that totally work great together, and then dropping them, getting them all mixed up, and trying to pull a coherent story from the pieces.  I had all this great material, I just had to figure out how to make it my own.  I decided to keep the props (because apparently I cannot create a dance piece without them) and the number of dancers, but I changed the music.  I knew if I kept the same music I would have ended up changing nothing, and I wanted to put my stamp on it.  Plus, I had become completely obsessed with this piece of music, that was way too beautiful for me to ever feel comfortable taking on myself.  With beautiful cinematic music it is hard not to create movement that is over the top, the dance can end up fighting with the music.  This way I was able to pull wonderful dance phrases from the original piece and tweak them to change the mood to fit the music.  I focused on the beauty of the movement, and added a bird-like sense of wonder and grace, that I saw hints of in the original.  Now I just have to finish it before the show…

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