It’s the week of the show y’all!

pairings ashley

I love show week.  I love the organizing and the list making.  I enjoy the frequent trips to the store for hairspray (tresemme extra hold) and bobby pins (blonde and overpriced- compared to its brown and black counterparts) I love hunting through my makeup bag for fake eyelashes and red lipstick.  I relish listening to the concert music, and reviewing choreography in my living room while my dog watches curiously.  The week of a show always demands my complete focus and attention. I apply extra energy in class, and take even more care of my body. Dancers are creatures of habit and my habits are wrought with superstition.  I must eat before 2 p.m. before a show, and it is always either a yogurt or a bagel (never both).  I hate to feel rushed on a show day, as I like to have ample time to shower, and put on my base layer of makeup before I arrive to the theatre. Right before I go onstage I always have to shake out the nervous energy from my hands and fingers, something that I started doing with a friend in college and have continued ever since for every performance. It’s the ritualistic nature of show week that keeps me calm and is extremely therapeutic. The buildup to a show is always exciting, making the show that much more thrilling, and the letdown after the lights go down and the stage is swept feel like even more of a loss.

On a separate note, this is my first Pairings as a core dancer with Motus Dance. It is even more special to me because my husband is one of the chefs, and is cooking three of the six courses for the evening.  It is not often that Adam and I get to collaborate.  We work very different schedules, and have contrasting interests in a lot of things. We may disagree on what television shows to watch or what type of music to listen to in the car on long road trips, but what we most often agree upon and appreciate together is good food and drink.  And though Adam is not a dancer himself (get a few beers in him and he does have some pretty stellar moves), he is appreciative of the arts and enjoys watching dance.  Pairings marks one of the first times that we get to show off our passions and talents in the same outlet.

Pairings is such a unique and exciting opportunity for me to be involved with, as it encompasses much of how I define myself. I am a foodie.  I am an avid wine drinker (though hardly a wine snob, as my fridge is full of two buck chuck from Trader Joes).  And most importantly, I am a dancer. If you are at least one of these three things, than Pairings is a show you do not want to miss.  Come for the delicious food paired with exquisite wines. Come for the silent auction and to support a dance company that needs your help to grow and continue to create art in Indianapolis. Or come for the dance itself- pieces inspired by yummy culinary creations and everyday life.

Sara L.


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