Ice Cream, Bacon, and Wine, Oh My!

As a child with a love for the arts, growing up in a small lumber town, I dreamt of what life would be like in an artist’s Mecca, like New York City.  So I was thrilled to say the least, when I first visited  NYC as a high school student.  But beyond the culture of shows and museums there was a culture on the street that I’d never imagined.   My experience of a small west coast logging town, where everyone knew everyone, was in stark contrast to what I saw in NYC with crowds of people who might at times brush against each other in passing without even seeing each other.

For years now, I’ve had the basic structure of this piece in my head, but the time never felt quite right for it.  Somehow, pairing a Lorinon Crianza Tempranillo with Adam Ditter’s Ice Cream Sandwich with chocolate chip cookie, vanilla ice cream and praline bacon seemed to be just the opportunity I was waiting for!

Ice cream sandwiches have always evoked childhood memories for me, and being a self professed introvert, and often feeling a bit awkward in social settings, observing the way in which people interact has always interested me.  It’s as if there is a secret language that varies from place to place and culture to culture that goes beyond the vocabulary I learned growing up. Jenny’s solo, inspired by my feelings of wonder, curiosity, and the desire to fit in as a teenager in NYC, is about wide eyed innocence observing a complicated adult society.

Throwing the praline bacon in the cookie and ice cream, and pairing it with wine is a contemporary move that harkens to city life and the sophisticated foodie scene, and on the whole the course is a pairing that is more about contrasts working well together but in very separate ways.  In the piece the pedestrians, so separate yet essential to Jenny’s movement, provide a complimentary contrast and support when needed.



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