The largest bite



It is no secret that I regularly bite off more than I can chew. I just rarely own up to it. Upon returning to choreographing after a 10 yr break, I participated in Motus Dance’s inaugural Cultivate showcase. And I started choreographing for the Northview MS dance team at the same time… they needed 10 dances in one semester. This was on top of teaching yoga 3X a week, plus teaching dance and working full-time. I seldom had a free evening. Some may say that such a full schedule might prevent them from living in the moment and enjoying the present. Conversely, I thrive on being busy, competing against deadlines, and little sleep. At least I used to. It is the easiest way for me to live in the present because there’s no other choice! There’s no room for distractions, no time to dwell on the past or over analyze anything. Now I admit to needing a little more down time these days. But I still like working toward an objective, problem-solving, fulfilling a goal. Obviously it is even more fulfilling for me if it involves dance.

This is my third year choreographing for Pairings, Motus Dance’s annual fundraiser. For the past two years, I have had a general idea of the direction in which I’m going with my piece. This year, I had nothing until I heard a particular piece of music, had a thought, which turned into a vision, then a direction.  This all happened about a week before my first rehearsal. The problem? I didn’t fathom what my vision would involve to bring it to fruition.

While I didn’t incorporate a lot of choreographed phrases, the piece is still quite movement-oriented. I thought that the lack of choreography would make things simpler. This piece involves costumes, props, and for lack of a better descriptive term, a “set.”

I am sewing.

I am building.

I am painting.

I have made at least six trips to the hardware store in the past month (completely unrelated to the house I am currently renovating).

This is in no way easier than choreographing to every single count of a 10 minute piece.
This endeavor quickly became a family affair over the past two weeks when the magnitude of the work load finally dawned on me and I started asking for help.

Please excuse me if this seems a bit scattered. I’m taking a break from painting… now back to it!!


kr4kr2 kr1



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