A little bit of this, a pinch of that…


Sometimes I think of choreographing as cooking something from scratch.  Well, I would assume, you may want to see a dance piece by me, but I doubt you would want to eat anything I made.  Luckily, for this dance piece the food that is my inspiration is made by someone who knows what he is doing.

When I sit down-or rather when I stand in the biggest room in my apartment- to create a dance piece I have all these steps and movements running through my brain.  I can combine them in any way I see fit.  Some I know work better with others from experience, others I just throw together to see what I get.  It always comes out a little different, but still has my stamp on it.  Then I take this recipe I have concocted and hand it over to my dancers, who then make it their own.  Kind of like handing them my cook book and seeing how they interpret it.  This is my favorite part, but unlike with cooking, if I see something I do not like I can change it.  I can shape it and mold it while it is cooking. I can leave it and come back to it later, without having to worry about leaving it in the oven too long.  It can still be hard knowing when a piece is too simple or has too many opposing flavors, if you will, but trying to find that perfect combination is what keeps it interesting to me.

For my Pairings piece, I got to take Adam Ditter’s scrumptious creation and make it my own.  Tasting the peach and green tomato bruschetta paired with a Pinot Grigio, I felt like I was sitting on a porch somewhere in the South watching the moon finally come up after a hot summer day.  I imagined my three dancers just shooting the breeze, but instead of using their mouths to gossip they would use their feet.  Hopefully my dance has combined all the right ingredients, and will be just as enjoyable to watch as the food and wine will be to taste.




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