15 8’s

          You would think after all of the times that I have choreographed I would know by now…ALWAYS cut the music before choreographing. What a rookie mistake!

            I was feeling great about the start of my Pairings rehearsals. After Cultivate I had a bit of a creative block so I was nervous about getting my creative juices flowing. As soon as I picked my song and got into the studio things really started to fall into place. I was happy with my choices and where it was going. Then, I decided to choreograph without editing my music. To me, where I wanted to cut the music made sense. The music definitely did not agree. After several hours of cutting music I finally had a smooth cut. A smooth cut with an extra minute of music that I was not expecting. A minute in a lifetime is a blink of the eye. An added minute in a piece is a lifetime. Would this totally mess up my vision? Was this still going to make sense? I went into class last Wednesday with a pit in my stomach. I HATE unexpected surprises that I don’t plan for and I know what it’s like to be on the other side when a choreographer comes in and says things need to be changed.

            When I arrived for rehearsal I had a  plan, I let the dancers know our goal and what happened but I was still questioning how I was going to get through this. 15 8’s. 15 8 counts. I just kept repeating over and over. I can do this. And then it happened. The moment the choreographer and dancers make magic. I felt myself come a little bit more alive than usual. Getting to work with talented dancers and choreographers is a blessing. It’s hard to find, but when you find it hold onto it. And I have found it in Motus.

          It’s a special bond; that of a choreographer and the dancer. You are both invested in the same cause, to make something beautiful. It may have been messy the way we got there, but afterwards I have to admit it was pretty beautiful. So, we took a step back and where we left after rehearsal #2 is the same place we left after rehearsal #3 but when we got to the 16th 8 it was all smiles. We did it, the dancer and the choreographer. Although we have a ways to go, maybe 20 8’s or so, I feel like those 15 8’s rekindled my creativity and reminded me how special choreographing is.




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