Deuces are Wild

I have known how to play poker for as long as I can remember.  Old Maid and War always seemed very boring, and for some reason I did not learn to play Euchre until I was older (well, like 12).  Regardless, when I first decided to choreograph a dance piece using the shape of a square as my inspiration, my brain immediately went to poker- Texas hold ‘em to be exact.  So I took 4 dancers and 4 chairs and set out to make the visual equivalent of a dancing Rubik’s cube poker game.  I liked the thought of taking something most people can relate to, and putting all the emotion and intensity into bigger and more abstract movement, while still mixing in familiar gestures and personalities.  For our upcoming show, Ruckus, I have been able to add 2 more sections to my Poker piece.  Thus, allowing me to follow these 4 people throughout their night of gambling. I have played with how time, money, and other influences affect them as it gets later and later.  Dissecting and re-working phrases of movement has been both fun and challenging, and working it so that it can be viewed from all angles was especially interesting for me.  Who is playing who?  Will it be the shark, the addict, the ringer or the rookie who wins it all in the end?  I guess you will just have to come and see to find out.






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