We can’t save for space if we have to buy to fly…


Heidi Keller-Phillips

I wouldn’t be here without Motus.  I would have left if I hadn’t met Katie Kasper, Emily Bhatti, Vanessa Stowers and Debra Silveus.  I would have been bored with sports and family-oriented everything that the surface view of this city provided me 10 years ago.  I did meet them and they helped me, along with others, find a world of art that you don’t find in a gallery or museum, budding just under the surface.   Back then, it seemed you needed a shovel to find it.  Today, you only need a search engine.  I like to think that Motus was part of that shift.

Motus has been creating awesomeness in Indy for nearly 10 years now.  Along the way we have collaborated with some of the city’s best and brightest artists like Michael Bachman, Kyle Ragsdale, Susan Hodgin, and Kate Lamont.  We have worked in tandem with some of the most creative organizations, like NoExit, PaperStrangers, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indy Parks, Spirit and Place, Dance Kaleidoscope, Arts Council of Indianapolis and Indy Fringe.  We have continued to educate and provide opportunity for those who have the creative fire within them, helping foster new and incredibly vibrant artistic voices.  These voices make this city a cooler place to live, draws to them like voices, and the movement grows.

I have an attainable dream that all these voices be heard and that they all have space to work.  MotuSpace can be a place that voices of all mediums can find space to move and to move others, to teach and to grow.  I started talking about space 10 years ago.  It’s time to move on it. Motus is planning to make this vision a reality, as we grow out (and have to move out of) our current space. This takes funds.

In the meantime, we are also preparing for our first flight to New York City for Spoke the Hub. It’s an amazing opportunity to showcase the creativity of Motus and Indianapolis. We have listed our project on Power2Give, the Arts Council’s online fundraising tool. Your donation will help us fly, so that we have a place to land when we get back.


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