Light of Creation

2012 was a difficult year for our nation. We witnessed destruction on a scale and of a
type not seen before. I have always been struck by the insidious quickness of
destruction. Cities washed away in hours- decades, centuries of work washed away
with them. Human lives, marvels of creation, taken in a fraction of a second. The ease
of destruction is unsettling. It can leave us feeling fearful and helpless. I submit,
however, that we have a powerful tool for quelling these fears- the power of creation.
How often have you heard of “senseless violence”? Have you ever heard of senseless
creation? Neither have I. There is no such thing. Creation requires sense, vision, and
a desire to add something to the world- instead of take it away. It requires
thoughtfulness, passion, patience. Creation is the light we cast into a world which can
often feel very dark.
Perhaps this is why the performing arts have such power in human existence. The
performing arts are a platform for creations which can never be destroyed. As long as
humans exist, songs will be sung, plays performed and dances danced. It is true things
may be lost or forgotten, but never destroyed. All physical things will be reclaimed, but
the intangible monuments of human history, our music and dialogue and dances can
never be reclaimed.
As Motus Dance approaches its 10th Anniversary, I am so proud to have
become part of a group which is spreading the light of creation throughout our city. I
invite you to become a steward of this light. Be creative! Or offer your support to the
creators you appreciate! Let us be defined by what we bring into being- not what we
take away. And may 2013 be a year filled with grand, new things for Motus Dance
and for each of us.
Melissa Cultivate2

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