Dancing a Peace


In the wake of recent events I find myself at a loss. At a loss for words, as I try to come to terms with the enormity of this senseless tragedy.  I know that at first pass, art in all its forms seems trivial at times like these, or even more so superfluous.  How does a joyful practice relate to our needs as a society looking to heal, and not simply fall under the category of self indulgence.  But as I look to the ills that have brought us to this place and time I find myself where I often do in difficult times, with emotions that I can’t put to words, and feelings that are bigger than what my body can cope with.  I can’t help but feel the need to process all this in some way, and that way for me is movement.  I will borrow a phrase from an interview I heard this last week: “It’s hard being human” and some times are harder than others, which is why we all need outlets.  For those times when the experience of life is bigger than we are, we need our outlets and when our outlets are creative, instead of destructive, we not only take care of ourselves, but we contribute to the world around us, we cultivate a feeling, or communicate an idea.  Whether it be dance, music, art or any other creative release we are healing ourselves and sometimes even those around us.

I saw a Facebook event the other day, “Plies for Peace”, calling for a daily meditation on peace via 3 minutes of movement in silence. I think it is a beautiful thought. And though not everyone is a dancer we can all do with a daily ritual that centers our souls, that helps us to find our own inner peace and through that bring peace to those we touch.  Our world could do with a bit more peace.

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