Three rehearsals left before Cultivate. What happened to the past three months!? As rehearsals are
coming to an end, the wrapping up process starts to begin. This is one of the most
important parts of the process for me. It is the time where you decide if your decisions
are working or not, if your dancers are engaged, and if your story is being conveyed
the way you envisioned. My favorite aspect of this part of the process is establishing
the dancer’s emotion and connection to the piece. It is when I start to see the dancers
engaging in my story and that is satisfaction in itself. This is what moves me and
inspires me to be an artist. As a choreographer I come with a vision, an inspiration,
something that I wish to convey to an audience or to make an audience react. I share
my story and my thoughts with my dancers in hopes that they will be able to portray my
emotion. The transformation that happens between my story that I share with them and
their interpretation makes me believe that as human beings our stories are relatable.
When the dancers begin to apply their own story it creates a truly raw emotion that
every choreographer strives for. That, to me, is success. To create a theme or a story
that your dancers are affected by is the struggle. In the end, what they are feeling
is what the audience will feel. They truly are my words put into movement, affecting
an audience. Watching these dancers begin to relate to my piece is beauty and
having committed, engaged dancers is a blessing. They are amazing artists but more
importantly human beings with a story and I am very grateful for that.



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