One Stop at a Time

At present, I am filled with a mixture of relief and anxiety. I am relieved that some of the crucial puzzle pieces for my work are starting to reveal themselves, yet still anxious about the ones that remain aloof. I struggle with wanting to overplan things sometimes and when I can’t see the entire road map of how I’m going to get where I want to be, the doomsday predictions start bubbling up in my head. I am choreographing an aerial dance work on the silks sling for Cultivate. A short break down of what that means: Most people are familiar with the aerial silks. This is the same material just hung by the two ends of the fabric so middle hangs down forming a sling. (The sling set up also lends itself well to lower ceiling heights, such as that of the White Rabbit’s.) Being able to choreograph an aerial piece is very exciting, but it certainly presents its own unique challenges. As soon as I was accepted to choreograph, a whole new set of circumstances came to light….rehearsal space with proper rigging, different kinds of potential injuries and safety requirements, specific costume needs, an audition utilizing aerials, etc. At times it has felt like my aerial choreography could just get eaten up by red tape before I’ve even begun. But that has mostly been when the doomsday predictions are on overdrive. The truth is I’ve been here before with choreography and performing in general. There is always a point in the process (sometime more than one) when the thought comes, “This is just not going to work….” But somehow, 9 times out of 10, it does. And it’s usually when I stop trying to look at the whole road map at the same time.

So without further ado, where I am at in the process right now is Stop 1: Audition. Due to the aerial aspect of the piece, I felt it best to hold an audition separate from the Motus call (though I really missed not being able to meet all the choreographers and dancers that way).

My audition will be from 2-4pm on Sunday, August 19th. See the attached flyer for more info.

Onward and upward to the next stop on the map!


KN Cultivate Audition Notice.pdf


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