I Can Hear the Bubbles

What do Prosecco (sponsored by Southern Wine and Spirits) and Cheese (sponsored by The Fresh Market) and a modern take on 60’s lounge music have in common? Well, for starters I can hear the bubbles in the stripped down drums and as I choreograph my newest work for Pairings, I am trying to evoke the lazy picnic in the park type of feeling that I find in the melody.

I must say, I think this has been my toughest challenge to date as a choreographer, and though I often feel that way at the beginning of a project, I currently find myself quite far outside my comfort zone. My natural tendencies in movement tend to be bigger and more assertive; but now I am trying to evoke a reposed sort of beauty. To my good fortune, my four lovely dancers are wonderful to work with, and embody this characteristic quite naturally.

We had a great first rehearsal on Friday. My dancers are willing to try all of my crazy ideas, and things are on the right track. But where to go next? It is a question that quite honestly keeps me up at night, as I close my eyes only to see the dance replay itself in my mind. Occasionally, I get a glimpse of where the piece should go, and relieved I prepare for sleep. But all too soon the excitement for what is to come, shakes me from my quiet state, and returns me to choreographer mode, watching the dance unfold again and again. Our next rehearsal is in a week, we’ll see what happens.



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