Cheese and Popcorn

Mmm…Popcorn. It’s usually a carefree snack that I enjoy while watching a movie, talking or playing games with friends and family or the treat that I tend to pick up when I’m at the airport. While I had no movement created, several weeks ago I thought that I had a fairly clear route that I was heading with the music and choreography. For Pairings, my piece will be paired with chardonnay (sponsored by Republic National Distributing) and popcorn (sponsored by Just Pop In!). While normally this would be an awesome combination, until today, I was desperately looking for a deeper connection to link these two treats to my movement or music. I was frantically searching for “popcorn” music or coming up with ideas that are more elaborate than I think I can pull off at the moment. It’s been several years since I’ve attempted any choreography so I’m trying to remind myself to keep it simple. Simple, relaxed and fun as popcorn and chardonnay should be. Today, I find myself returning to one of the songs that I was originally drawn to. Despite the fact that my first rehearsal is this week- I’m still wavering on my music choice. If nothing else, this song seems to have taken me out of my “normal” movement comfort zone. I’m hoping to create an entertaining, light piece without making it too “cheesy.” However, when it comes to popcorn I find the more cheese the better.




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