This is the title of my piece. The first three of six sections will be performed on Friday, April 6th during First Friday at the Indy Indie Artist Colony. Inpsiration for the piece is drawn from personal struggles with fibromyalgia and degenterative disc disease. The first three sections focus on my coming to grips with my illness and losing the dream of a dance career as my health continued to decline. The piece demonstrates the depth of pain a person can suffer from starting with the body, then the heart and finally progressing to the soul.

We are down to three rehearsals before performance time. The dancers and myself have a good vibe that is conducive to getting a lot of choreography taught quickly. I am struggling with how to finish the piece and hoping that I “see the light” soon. I want to find the right movement that conveys a closing thought, but leaves a continuum for when I choreograph the final three sections.

Our biggest struggle has been counting or not counting the music. I have found myself refusing to copy the music or even acknowledge it, which of course is tons of fun for the dancers and myself. Last Saturday was our first rehearsal in the space and we were excited to learn we have more space than we expected. The costumes are almost finalized. With a week and a half to go things are still scattered but will soon pull together. I am relaxed and going with the flow, or so goes my daily mantra.



Only two rehearsals to go now. The third section, which we finished last
Sunday, is mentally challenging the dancers. I have faith they will get the
phrasing, but the order of things is giving them quite a headache. I did
figure out how to finish the piece. It was right there in front of me the
whole time. I just needed to simplify it. I am not wanting to change
anything else in the piece, but I will never say never :)=



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