Sword-fighting with Inspiration

Uh oh, I am inspired. That is a double edged sword for me. Often when I get excited about a concept or piece before it has taken shape I get into trouble. I have music in mind, props and a kick ass idea but no actual movement yet. Sometimes this kind of inspiration comes back to bite me because I get stuck on the original motivation but when I get into the studio it may not work and I have trouble letting it go. Instead of letting it morph into what it is, I try to mold it and shape it into what I want it to be and somehow it never lives up to my expectations and I end up disappointed. Back to the exciting part though… in my mind there are long strands of jewels, 2 mannequins, 2 beautiful dancers, 2 pedestals and 1 big idea…

En Garde!

(To be continued, I hope.)
~Heidi Keller Phillips


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