Motus @ Cocktails for Canines

Motus was asked to perform during Saturday’s Cocktails for Canines fundraiser for the local animal rescue and welfare organization, Mended Hearts Indy. We performed works by Debra Silveus and Heidi Keller Phillips in the auditorium of the Indiana War Memorial. Motus also donated a class package to the silent auction, so we are looking forward to seeing a new face in our studio. This is a win-win for two nonprofit organizations: Motus gets exposure to a new audience and experience performing in a new setting. Mended Hearts gets modern dance for their event. Indianapolis chalks up another modern dance performance in an unconventional venue.

I know Nichole, co-founder of Mended Heats, because I adopted a rescued dog last spring. Chance was emaciated and homeless, and walked up to the people who run the Great Pyrenees rescue when they were walking their dogs. They took him in, and he met Nichole at last year’s Mutt Strut where she offered to provide free obedience classes for Chance once he was adopted. Offering free group obedience classes for adoptive pets and pet parents is just one of the great services Mended Hearts provides to educate the Indianapolis community about responsible pet ownership. To learn more about Mended Hearts Indy, visit

Do you volunteer for a local nonprofit organization? Are you looking for entertainment for an upcoming event? We obviously love performing, as long as a large enough and sturdy, danceable surface can be provided. Write to and we may be able to work something out.



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