Super Art

What a week! It was amazing to see and hear about all the ways my artist friends were involved in an event that seems at first glance to be the anti-art. Our friends at NoExit and Paper Strangers entertained crowds of thousands at the Super Bowl Village.

Travelers were greeted with live music and performance at the airport. Core Artist, Jenny Thomas and I both participated in a fantastic flash mob welcoming people to the jungle that is the Super Bowl weekend.

A former board member and a Motus dancer shared the stage with Madonna in her half time show. I even had a friend who worked on the production of that fabulous opening number for the Jimmy Fallon show, highlighting Butler, the Colts and everything Indianapolis. Congratulations Indianapolis on valuing the impact of art on your city and this Super event. Well Done. Let’s keep it up, even when the rest of the nation doesn’t seem to be looking.



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