Dear Sara, Thank you and good luck!

Sara Yanney-Chantanasombut has been a Core Artist with Motus for 2 years. While she is still planning to be involved as a dancer, Sara has decided to retreat from her Core Artist responsibilities so that she can concentrate her efforts as a teacher at Ball State as well as her own company, Jump Into Motion. She was completely dedicated to Motus as a core artist. Passionate about her choreography, technique and dance history, she breathed life into her dancers literally, by encouraging them to use breath, engage in the core and find softness in their movement. In her beginning modern class she was able to apply her excellent ability to break down movement and find new ways to explore old concepts in order to connect with everyone’s way of learning. She is also a good friend and found personal connections beyond the dance floor with the dancers she worked with. We will miss her contributions and wish her the best of luck in future endeavors. Thank you Sara for all you have done for Motus. –the Motus Core Artists


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