Dancing on a Dare – Part 2


There are not any words in the English dictionary to describe the rehearsal process of “IN” for me. Since it had been nearly two decades since I had performed in any capacity near the magnitude of this show, sore and achy muscles, an inability to retain the choreographic sequences, and basically asking my body to do things I had not done in what seemed like forever, was overwhelming at first. As I learned how kind and compassionate my choreographers were, my tensions eased.

Every single person involved with the concert has been a delight to get to know and were tremendously supportive of my age restrictions. Very quickly rehearsals became a real source of affordable therapy for me. As my life progressed through a dank fog, the outlet of rehearsals provided me with a safe place for to work through all the wreckage of my past choices.

I know I would have eventually pulled myself up by my boot straps, but this experience with Motus has been a spiritual tool with which I have been able to begin the process of healing. Working with Motus has literally helped direct the rest of my life in a more positive direction. I will forever be grateful to Motus.