Dancin’ Mama – How dancing makes me a better mom, and being a mom makes me a better dancer…

I’ll start with the obvious things. Dance provides me with an emotional outlet. I’ve needed it my whole life, and it is no different now. I come back from class clear headed and refreshed (mostly), and best of all feeling great. Motherhood has changed my life and my perspective and has given me a new place from which to draw inspiration.

But there are many unexpected ways in which my two lives intersect as well. Of course we dance around at home, but the fun thing is all the great ways I can swing and lift my boy, a direct result of years of partnering work. At 50 pounds I can’t just toss him in the air like I once could, but using the basics of core strength and grounding my weight we are able to pull off some pretty cool stuff. And speaking of core strength, I think mine has greatly increased, in my life as a mother. Beginning with (his) life in the baby Bjorn, graduating to the toddler back pack, and finally good old piggy back rides. It’s been a slow regimen of ever increasing load bearing, that I’ve been able to keep up with, perhaps because I didn’t have much choice.

By the way, two nights ago my little family took inspiration from former Motus Core Artist Christina Maley, and her piece entitled “Expressions on Canvas”, as we donned old clothes, laid out a white sheet and various colors of washable paint. We painted, skated, stamped, and poured paint to make foot prints, hand prints, and many other prints. And I guess that brings me to the best part of where these two parts of my life intersect, and that is in joy. I am so fortunate to be able to practice an art that I love, to share it with my family, and to show that there is so much to life.



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