As the 10 year mark approaches for 9/11, we all can’t help but remember where we were when we found out and how we felt. I was going to school in New Mexico and I remember I was in a dance class that was interrupted by someone coming in and telling us that the first plane had crashed. This was before anyone understood what was really going on. I remember going to my next class and shortly after that the whole University shut down and we all went home. Then watching the events unfold on TV and gradually coming to the terrible realization of what had actually happened.
While I was extremely lucky to not have any loved ones involved in the attack, like everyone, I felt scared, vulnerable and helpless; being so close to large military test sites was not comforting either. Though I had a great support group of friends and amazing teachers that helped us all cope, I still had this helpless feeling that I couldn’t shake.
In comes Dance to the rescue. I had the honor of participating in and organizing concerts to help raise money for the victims and their families and I slowly started to regain a sense of control. I also had the opportunity to perform in Bill Evan’s response to 9/11 titled Remembering. He first set it on us for a school concert, we then took it to ACDF, and then the following year performed it in his company tour. The piece explores all of the emotions and experiences of anger and loss.
To help remember this coming September 11th, I am going to be teaching parts of Remembering in technique class this Sunday during beginning modern and Monday during intermediate/advanced. All are welcome to come to class and learn it or come and observe. Dance has the amazing power to help us heal and bring us all together as one global community and I am very grateful for it.

This photo is a backstage shot of the original cast of Remembering…and no, my pink flower slippers were not part of the costuming


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