Indianapolis Movement Arts Collective, formerly Motus Dance

“Did she really just say that?”


Ever have the thought of “did she really just say that???”

Freshman geography was when this thought passed through my mind for the first time.

Our teacher had asked us if we had a private island what we want this island to be like. What type of people would live there, what type climate would we like it to be, etc… all of those typical teacher questions.

As he was going around the room asking us individually to describing our island, one girl in the class said “I would only have popular people live on my island because those are the only people that I want to be around.”

I believe at that point was when everyone’s face dropped, the room became dead silent and I thought “DID SHE REALLY JUST SAY THAT?”

I’m sure that everyone in the room thought the same. Not only was the teacher at a loss for words but her friends became red in the face becoming embarrassed for her.

11 years later I still remember that day and laugh thinking that she was so immersed in her own world that she forgot that there other people outside of her social circle. And now that I am working on my piece for IN, I can use her ignorance as a tool and guide for my dancers. -SQ