Being The Bully

I am now in rehearsals for Michelle’s piece for IN. It is a trio in which Charise and I are bullying Katelin. I must say that Katelin with her tiny waist and weight of about 2 pounds is a lot of fun to lift and throw around. Although my body is rather sore from lifting her for two hours the other night (Michelle now has revenge for being “bruised and battered” from my piece).

It is interesting being the bully. Sadly I had quite a few of them, particularly in middle school. Most of them were not physical, only psychological; stealing and hiding my things, isolating me, etc. But there was one girl that bullied me and while she didn’t actually physically attack me, she threatened to and somehow the threat of it happening was worse than the actual act. She was 2 years older than me and at least 5 inches taller; to give you perspective on her size and ability to physically intimidate, let me share with you that she was on the football team…the MENS football team.

I was new to the school and at first she was very nice to me. But, once she realized I was a faster swimmer than her (we were both on the swim team), she changed. She cornered me alone in the locker room and openly told me why she didn’t like me and that she was going to physically harm me. She seemed to get joy out of seeing me be so scared that she would act on her threats.
I can’t even remember her name, but one thing I do remember strongly is the fear I felt of her fulfilling her promise to physically hurt me and being scared to say anything to anyone in fear it would make her retaliate more. I never told any friends or adults because I was so afraid of the consequences and making the situation worse.

So, In Michelle’s piece, as I throw around and manipulate Katelin, being her bully, I just think of the bully I had and I have no trouble at all channeling the intent and character. So thank you, big scary girl whose name I can’t remember for terrorizing and torturing me, it will help make a great piece 🙂 SYC


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