Bruised and Battered

As much as we might pretend to dislike them, many of us take a secret pride in our war wounds, provided they are not too serious of course. Gymnasts have eternally calloused hands, ballet dancers get blisters on their feet and bruised toe nails. Contact sports offer their own wide variety of bumps and bruises. But I do think modern dance has the distinction of perhaps being the most varied and surprising in its generation of minor injuries. I must admit I haven’t done any official research to prove that this is so, but having dabbled in rock climbing, ballet, water polo, and soccer, I’ve found my most surprising bruises to always come from dance. Floor burns are the norm, as are minor bruises on any bony part of the body that comes in contact with the floor, but what surprised me yesterday morning were the two hand print shaped bruises on each of my thighs. It took me some time to realize that they were completely, and 100% self inflicted.

I’ve had the honor of being a part of Sara’s trio for IN  is a particularly new and interesting challenge, as it involves spoken word as well as movement. And as our rhythmic speech progresses from light to angry so does the gentle tapping of my legs increase to hard slaps. Not to toot my own horn, or anything, but I must say, I was particularly precise, especially with my left hand, as I can count each finger mark separately. The funny thing is, when you love what you are doing and are so enraptured in the moment, be it sport or art, or anything else, you hardly notice these things till you are long passed the moment, and left with a puzzle to solve.



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