Wrapping Up The Summer

I can’t believe that the fall semester is about to start. This summer just flew past. I had the opportunity to get some much needed rest and spend time with friends and family. But I also had the chance to teach, lead the Breaking Ground Workshop, I learned more about my beloved dance history through some extra reading and new friends (thank you very much to Clay Daniel for my Charles Weidman lesson), we’ve done a few parades (including one this Saturday), and I’ve had the chance to start two pieces that will be a part of our fall concert in November “IN“.

The duet I have completed choreographing and my beautiful dancers learned it in three, 4 hour rehearsals. They have already brought the piece to life so I am excited to see it once we’ve had the chance to clean it and for it to be more in their bodies for November.

The trio I am choreographing has only had one rehearsal, but it was a fantastic one. For the first time as a choreographer, I am integrating spoken word. As dancers we are okay bearing our souls through movement. But to show emotion through spoken word, for most dancers, is not within the normal comfort zone. I am so fortunate that my cast is willing to belly flop in (diving or jumping in feet first would be too cautious) and go for it.

This summer was a wonderful time for personal and professional growth and I feel rejuvenated and ready to continue to teach, create, and perform!



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