Breaking Ground is a unique opportunity for experimentation. In the past, my choreography always had to serve a purpose—we have a show and we need to create dances for dancers. Rarely do we get the chance to PLAY with our art. Being this art is not our livelihood but our passion, time is the essence to get things on stage were our hearts have home and can soar in delight. Here is where Breaking ground comes in. For a few months now when my artsy creative soul was able to emerge again after being asleep due to the creativity of life, I have had three difference pieces swirling in my creative brain. For sake of bodies and time, I have decided to play with one idea. The original vision was a female solo, on a chair looking into imprisonment based on inner conflicts of roles and acceptance in society. I heard a snippet of the music in a movie and decided that this can be an outlet of some emotions I have been struggling with over the last two years—the conflict of my roles as mother, wife, therapist (to a very special population of injured people through burns), and friend with the identity of my creative soul: dancer.

I worked out some movement on my body, but as a choreographer I do not like to set my work on myself and prefer to see it on another body. Throw it out and manipulate the clay. However I was faced with a unique choice: adult girl (original intention) or child boy. I chose the boy—how would this translate? Would the message get lost? Would it morph into something not mine?

Next choice (based on feedback from the first showing): music. I found my music from a popular movie. However I have never choreographed to music with English words before due to association and my traditionalist upbringing. The music I chose has words (I like the melody), and if you have seen the movie a very highly associated part of that movie. So I decided this past week to take non-vocal arrangements for piano and violin in three different styles: allegro, moderato, and adagio. Still playing with music. Perhaps I will let my audience make the final CHOICE.

Vanessa Stowers Flora


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