10 hours of Dance

Today was a Motus day. (But then what day isn’t?) It consisted of rehearsal beginning at 8am, beginning to choreograph the duet I am creating for our November concert “IN”, then teaching the Beginning Modern Technique class, right into the Breaking Ground workshop.

The rehearsal for the duet went very well. I’ve had the piece swimming in my head since we started talking about the concept of the concert months ago. It’s always wonderful to see your vision and ideas come to life. My dancers, Amanda and Charise, are dancing it beautifully.

Today was the second of four sessions of Breaking Ground. The first week we focused on the participants getting to know themselves as movers and choreographers. We used improvisation, discussion, and principals of Laban Movement Efforts to explore this. Then we got started creating. Most everyone came in with a concept in mind and ready to create. Today we started creating by using images that everyone brought in that had shapes that inspired them. This created beautiful phrases for everyone, and for some, helped to create a completely new piece from what they had originally started creating. Everyone now has the beginnings of a piece and I am very excited to watch them continue to develop. You can come see these “works in progress” at the Breaking Ground showing on July 31st!



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