breaking.ground starts tomorrow!

I took part in the first ever breaking.ground in the summer of 2005… my first experience with Motus. I was visiting Indy for two months during the summer when I wasn’t in school. I was such a different person – very reserved when it came to dance. I didn’t want to choreograph, but did get to participate in others’ pieces that were developed over the course of the workshop. I remember meeting several evenings a week. It was definitely the highlight of that summer for me. I was going through a rocky relationship that ended with the end of summer, and the opportunity to dance while I was away from school was just the anchor of stability and comfort that I needed, as it always is for me. Fast forward to a year ago. I decided it was time for me to start creating (or at least attempting to create) dance again. The workshop was a wonderful push in the right direction and really helped get my creative juices flowing. Participating and getting the opportunity to play with ideas in a safe environment gave me a confidence boost, and led me to decide to participate in Cultivate in November of last year. I would encourage anyone who has ideas floating around in their heads to participate and give yourself the gift of bringing those ideas to life. Also – you don’t have to choreograph! If you are more comfortable with participating as a dancer, that’s great too! You still have time. The first day of the workshop is tomorrow. Come to Sara’s Modern Technique class at noon so that you’re nice and warm and ready to move when breaking.ground starts at 1:30.


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