Teen Intensive


This weekend we had our first Summer Teen Intensive. We were very fortunate to have a great group of young dancers participate. It was inspiring to dance with them and watch them learn and absorb everything!

I taught the dance improvisation class. For most of them, it was their first time being exposed the concepts and theories we used and there is something very exciting about being the one to introduce something. In the hour we had, we focused on the Laban theories of movement, broken down into space, weight, time, and flow as well as a brief introduction to contact improvisation. It was a challenge for them, as it is for any young dancer, to let go of the skills and steps they have trained so hard to do and find other movement. However, it was amazing how quickly they picked everything up. They created some beautiful movement in their individual improvisations as well as when dancing with a partner.

This was a perfect bridge for me to get geared up for the Breaking Ground workshop. I’m excited to meet this years group and start creating!