Show Week


The tell-tale signs that there is a show this week; the hamper is over flowing with laundry that needs to be done, there is a pile of clean laundry on the dresser that still hasn’t been put away, dishes are piled in the sink, some very temperamental kitties and doggies, a car filled with various fliers and costumes…

In case you hadn’t yet heard, our annual fundraiser Pairings is this Saturday. The week of a show is always hectic and always results in a lack of time for house work, not spending enough time with the “fur kids” (for those us that don’t have human children yet), and usually a lack of sleep. And when you do sleep it usually involves an anxiety dream about the upcoming performance. On top of this, my wonderful husband is volunteering his culinary talents being head chef for the event as well.

This being said, all of the chaos will be well worth it. We truly have an amazing event planned. Every aspect of it has involved months of planning and hard work by Motus, our wonderful board, and our many generous volunteers. This is all to raise money for Motus so we can continue to create and show dance and offer classes to our community! I hope to see your lovely faces Saturday night!