We just had a wonderful set of rehearsals for Pairings Wednesday night. We got to see Debra’s gorgeous solo, then we ran Katelin’s piece (which I love dancing in), and then mine. I have seen the other pieces as well and I must say if you are coming to our annual fundraiser, you are in for quite the treat. We are at the point in the rehearsal process where the movement is just getting into their bodies and now they are starting to make some magic!

We focused a lot tonight on the 4 dancers really dancing together and being aware of each other. We also spent a lot of time working on the very end of the dance where they are in a clump, yielding into each other sharing weight.

Now we have a marathon coming up. We have the Pride Parade tomorrow, rehearsals and meetings all day Sunday, and then more rehearsals on Monday. It’s going to be an exhausting, but very fun week coming up! SYC


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