Wonderful beginnings


The beginning of a new piece of choreography is always so exciting, but also a bit nerve racking. We come in with a blank slate and a few ideas, some music we’ve found inspiring, and hope that in the amount of time we’ve been given, a new and wonderful piece will be created.

The two weeks prior to the beginning of this process, I was away, and not dancing physically, but dancing and choreographing in my mind. Often my most inspired hours are at bedtime, as I lay and wait for sleep to come, I see dance images in my mind. The wonderful thing here is how uninhibited our imaginations can be, the drawback of this method of choreography is… how uninhibited our imaginations can be, when, for instance, I find that I’m defying the basic laws of physics, or anatomy. Sometimes we get lucky as I have in our first two rehearsals. This cast of 4 dancers are capable of carrying out all my wild ideas, and not only do they accomplish the task but they are completely committed, as you can see in the picture of this trust fall. Falling like harvested timber would be rather painful were it not for the strong and capable arms of other dancers.

In playing with the idea of the wine and the fine balance of complementary flavors (for Pairings), we are playing with balance and equilibrium too. I’m excited for all the new levels we are going to!!!