When Inspiration Strikes

      In Musicals, and TV shows like Glee and FAME, people break out into dance at random moments in public. This normally doesn’t happen in real life, unless you’re me.
      I have the habit of already thinking of the next piece I’m going to choreograph before a show is even over. Preparing for our annual fundraiser Pairings seems to be no exception. Our last concert was just this past weekend, and before the show opened I was already inspired to begin creating movement to the music I’ve chosen.
     I stopped by the US Postal office in Pendleton by my house on my way home tonight from teaching Modern Technique at MotuSpace. They leave the lobby unlocked so people can check their PO boxes and I was there to check mine. I had just taught a piece of choreography I am working on for my Pairings piece, so the music and movement were on my mind. The lobby was so big and open and no one was around, so I set down my keys and spent 10-15 minutes choreographing.
     Of course it did not cross my mind until later that there must be security cameras; so my dancing was likely captured on film. If anyone looks at those tapes I can only imagine what they would think. I should have worn my Motus t-shirt and perhaps held up a sign with http://www.motusdance.com.
     Rehearsals start in a few weeks, after we go to the Indiana Dance Festival, and I can’t wait to start setting the piece on the dancers!



3 responses to “When Inspiration Strikes

  1. I am loving the blog and reading choreographers’ thought processes.
    -Emily B., former Motus core artist

  2. I am laughing at this picture you have created in my head. Perhaps we should do a security camera series in the future!

  3. Loved the story of you dancing in the Pendleton Post office lobby — with the security camera’s as audience!
    Yes, next time DO wear the T-shirt — like a Flash Mob of ONE! (It only takes one to begin anything!) Great En-JOYment to you! PS: I see dancers and dance everywhere and think I’m crazy!!! So I totally enjoyed the thought that you would actually DO choreography anywhere and everywhere. Lucky Camera’s!!!!

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