Like riding a bike

I’ve re-set my piece from Cultivate, This is (not) me, for Paired Down with three new dancers and several changes. It has been such a gift to have time to re-work sections that I had wanted to change or refine the first time around, but just didn’t have a chance. There are three pairs of dancers and the pairs interact almost exclusively with their partners. One dancer in each pair is new (to the piece) for this show, which changes the entire flavor. Each of the ‘old’ dancers are affected differently by their new partners than they were by the original partners. I have loved watching the piece unfold and evolve for a second time. I also have such gratitude for my three original dancers who have stuck with me and shown exceptional patience while I re-taught much of the movement. My newer dancers have also been so wonderful and dedicated, despite many challenges that have come up during the rehearsal process for this show. I’ve made some noticeable changes and I’ve referred back to the notes from the Cultivate adjudicators on multiple occasions, reminding me what a valuable process that was for me as an artist. Many of my modifications have been in response to the comments and feedback of the adjudicators and my peers – the dancers, the Core Artists, and our artistic and executive director, Heidi Keller-Phillips.

It’s getting easier, the choreography thing. It’s starting to feel natural again. Onto the next challenge – choreographing for a small (i.e. trio) cast for Pairings, which will be a first for me since I have only worked with larger casts! Six has actually been my smallest yet…


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