Guest Spotlight: ESW

From ESW’s Joshua Silbert

ESW is thrilled to be part of the Paired Down performance this weekend. Motus Dance Theater and ESW are a great fit. Both create and build fantastic shapes and atmospheres in expressive mediums and compliment one another perfectly. Both fill a niche in the Indianapolis arts communities by supporting and collaborating with other artists. We couldn’t be more excited.

A little about us: We are ESW, a band that embodies what some consider “true” fusion. Our music is created by combining and mutating disparate genres. Jazz based improvisation that swirls in and out of electronic drum and bass with audio pillaging in the form of century old field recording and ridiculous manipulation from scratchy records found on a thrift store floor with the simple and straight forward groove of a jam band hell bent on sonic irreverence.

The combination, the fusion, of these two different artistic groups will, we hope, blow the audiences’ mind. We’re excited about the performance and for the invigorating creativity that it will bring.

Dance. Music. A fusion of two mediums. We’re excited to be part of a wonderful evening of artistic adventure. We hope you’ll join us.


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